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Canada Trudeau: Passing the new NAFTA is our priority

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he will unveil the legislation on January 29 to ratify the USMCA. He noted, “we are going to make sure we move forward in the right way and that means ratifying this new NAFTA as quickly as possible”. “Passing the new NAFTA is our priority,” said Trudeau. “There are too many businesses relying on access to the U.S. market … it’s extremely important that we move forward with ratification and it’s our intention to move forward with this.”

However, the move by Trudeau’s minority Liberal government could be slowed down by main opposition. The Conservative Party spokesman Randy Hoback, “we definitely want to give it the proper due diligence to shine a light on some of the unique.” “I don’t think anybody has any intention of dragging anything out. We just want to make sure we do our job … there are some things in this deal that I think the business community isn’t aware of that we need to shine a light on.”

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