According to China’s National Health Commission, on February 11, there were 2015 new confirmed coronavirus cases, bringing the accumulated total to 44653. Death tolls increased 97 to 1113. There are currently 8204 serious cases, 16067 suspected cases and 451462 people tracked.

US White House national security adviser Robert O’Brien warned “there’s no doubt that the virus could have an impact on the US economy and also on the world economy”. The coronavirus could have disruptive impact on the global supply chain, and “We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out and whether alternate suppliers can be found.”

O’Brien also noted, “we expect the Phase 1 deal will allow China to import more food and open those markets to American farmers, but certainly as we watch this coronavirus outbreak unfold in China it could have an impact on how big, at least in this current year, the purchases are.”

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