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China posts mixed economic data in Jan-Feb period

China’s economic data for the first two months of 2023 showed mixed results, with industrial production growth falling short of expectations but retail sales and fixed asset investment exceeding them.

According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, industrial production grew by 2.4% yoy, below the forecasted 2.6% yoy. Retail sales, on the other hand, rose by 3.5% yoy, slightly above expectations of 3.4% yoy.

Fixed asset investment also exceeded expectations, growing by 5.5% yoy, compared to the forecasted 4.5% yoy. Infrastructure investment saw a rise of 9.0% yoy. However, property investment showed a decline of -5.7% yoy, indicating a slowdown in the real estate sector.

The NBS released a statement that highlighted the challenges facing China’s economy. “The external environment is even more complex, inadequate demand remains prominent and the foundation for economic recovery is not solid yet,” the statement said.

The economic data for January and February is combined to smooth out the impact of the Lunar New Year holiday, which falls at different times during the two months in different years.

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