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WTI oil staying near-term bearish, anticipating delayed OPEC+ decisions

In the current oil market, stability reigns as prices stay in the near-term range, with all eyes on the impending delayed OPEC+ meeting scheduled for Thursday. There’s growing consensus, as per news reports in the past two days, that a compromise on 2024 output levels is within reach. However, it seems the most probable outcome will just be continuation of existing production cuts, rather than any new, drastic changes.

This outlook, predominantly unaltered barring any unexpected deepening of cuts, steers towards bearish sentiment for oil prices in the near term. A key factor influencing this view is rising inventory levels in US. Concurrently, economic growth in China, a major player in global oil demand, remains tepid. While there have been some positive signs in China, they are not robust enough to shift the demand dynamics significantly.

Another critical element in this equation is Saudi Arabia’s decision regarding its additional voluntary cut of 1 million barrels per day, which is nearing its expiry at the end of December.

From a technical standpoint, near term outlook in WTI crude oil stays bearish with 79.98 resistance holds. Current fall from 95.50 if expected to extend through 72.56 to 63.37/66.94 support zone. But strong support would likely be seen to to bring rebound. Overall, range trading should continue for the medium term above 63.67, barring another significant developments.

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