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Swiss GDP grows 0.3% qoq in Q4, abv exp 0.1% qoq

Switzerland’s GDP grew by 0.3% qoq in Q4, slightly surpassing expectation of 0.1% qoq growth.

Despite this modest uptick, the nation faced slight decline in domestic final demand, which fell by -0.3%. This downturn was primarily driven by a significant, broad-based decrease in investments in equipment, plummeting by -2.5%. Construction investment also fell by by -0.3%, which in turn, led to -0.2% decrease in the construction industry.

Meanwhile, private consumption saw a marginal increase of 0.3%, buoyed by spending in housing, health, mobility, and foreign travel sectors. However, spending on food and other retail goods witnessed a decline. The retail and trade sectors also reported contraction, with retail dropping by -0.3% and trade by -1.0% . Additionally, imports of goods and services showed weak performance, registering 0.7% increase after adjusting for sporting events.

Full Swiss GDP release here.

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