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UK GDP holds steady in April as services offset declines in production and construction

UK GDP showed no growth in April, aligning with market expectations. The data reveals a mixed picture, with certain sectors compensating for declines in others.

Services output grew by 0.2% mom, marking its fourth consecutive month of growth, underscoring the resilience of the services sector. Conversely, production output fell by -0.9% mom, reflecting ongoing challenges in the industrial sector. Construction output declined by -1.4% mom, continuing its downward trend for the third straight month.

Looking at the three-month period from February to April compared to the preceding three months from November to January, GDP grew by 0.7%. Within this period, services expanded by 0.9%, driven by consistent monthly gains. Production also showed a positive trend with a 0.7% increase, despite the monthly volatility. However, construction suffered a -2.2% decline, indicating sustained weakness in this sector.

Full UK GDP release here.

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