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Dollar surges broadly and… Mnuchin said Trump fired warning shots to Russia and China on devaluation

US Treasury Steven Mnuchin talked to CNBC today and he mentioned President Donald Trump’s tweet regarding Russia and China currency devaluation. Mnuchin said that was a “warning shot at China and Russia about devaluation. China has devalued their currency in the past.” Mnuchin added that “they’ve used a lot of their reserves to actually support the currency. The president wants to make sure they don’t change their plans, and he’s watching it.”

Regarding the economy, Mnuchin said “we’re now at a point where we’re comfortably within our 3 percent or higher sustained economic growth”. He added that “we literally have met with hundreds of executives, small companies, big companies, and thousands of workers. We’re beginning to see the impact of the tax cuts, specifically people investing large amounts of money back into the United States.” Also, “the difference between 2.2 and 3 percent will pay for the tax cuts.”

Regarding rejoining TPP, Mnuchin just said that Trump would opt to join only when there are more favorable terms to the US. And Mnuchin is “cautiously optimistic.

Dollar is broadly higher today, entering into US session, after Mnuchin’s comments. Is it a coincidence? Or…?

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