Speculators were mixed over the energy complex in the week ended April 10. Net LENGTH for crude oil futures rose +7 535 contracts from a week ago to 707 080. NET LENGTH of heating oil added +330 contracts to 14 31 while net LENGTH for gasoline plunged -7 566 contracts to 70 909. Net SHORT for natural gas increased +768 contracts to 98 273 for the week.

With the exception of silver, speculators stayed bearish over the precious metal complex last week. Net LENGTH for gold decreased -11 217 contracts to 155 372. Net SHORT for silver dropped -2 132 contracts to 14 833 for the week. For PGMs, net LENGTH for platinum fell -4 743 contracts to 19 000 while that for palladium declined -2 057 contracts to 8 160.


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