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Crude Oil Forming Another Wedge – Elliott Wave Analysis

Crude oil is coming nicely down in the 4-hour chart after we spotted a wedge pattern within wave (Y) of B. So, we are now tracking wave C of a higher degree countertrend price action. We are talking about wave (4) that can be a flat rather than a triangle after recent break to a new intraday low. In fact, drop from 124 can be now counted in five waves, but it’s seen as an ending diagonal. That’s a reversal pattern that suggests that weakness can be limited. If we respect the price action and the wedge into 124.00, then confirmation for a turning point should be the same; a broken upper line that can put bulls in play (blue circle). Be patient here!

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Crude oil is bullish when looking on monthly and daily charts, but we can see it now in a higher degree corrective slow down, which can be wave four within an uptrend. There is a chance for a 2008 high retest before the market finally slows down.

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