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EU Moscovici: Brexit has to be dealt with in London first

European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici reiterated the EU’s stance that regarding Brexit, the ball is in UK’s court now. He said “Certainly the EU is there, the EU is waiting, the EU is ready but first we need to know clearly what are the British intentions and we need some clarifications from London”.

He added that “Of course the door is always open for discussion but it’s not up to us to tell now the British side where it wants to go. The ball clearly is in the British side again. It’s not a problem that can be solved by Brussels, maybe in Brussels later, but it has to be first dealt with in London.”

Also on the possibility of hard Brexit, Moscovici said “Nobody wants a no-deal (Brexit), that is clear. The British parliament doesn’t want a no-deal, the British government doesn’t want a no-deal, and the EU is not willing a no-deal, so we need to explore all options which are not a no-deal.”

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