UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to visit French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel this week. His spokesperson said that “Ahead of the G7, the prime minister believes it is important to speak to the leaders of France and Germany to deliver the message that he has been setting out through the phonecalls he’s had with leaders and face to face.”

And, she added, “it is likely they will discuss other issues: foreign policy issues, security issues and so on, but clearly Brexit will form a key part of both bilateral meetings.” However, she also reiterated that there will be no formal negotiations on Brexit until the EU dropped the Irish backstop in the withdrawal agreement.

On the other hand, European Commission spokesperson Natasha Bertaud warned that no-deal Brexit will “obviously cause significant disruption both for citizens and for businesses and this will have a serious negative economic impact:. And, “that would be proportionally much greater in the United Kingdom than it would be in the EU 27 states.” She also repeated President Jean-Claude Juncker’s comment that “it is the British who will unfortunately be the biggest losers”. if it came to a no-deal Brexit.

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