In China, the National Health Commission reported 433 new confirmed coronavirus cases on February 26, bringing to accumulated total to 78497. Death toll rose 29 to 2641.

South Korea, the worst outbreaks outside of mainland China, reported another 334 cases, bringing the total to 1595. Italy and Iran are having the worst developments next to South Korea. Italy reported a total of 447 confirmed cases so far, with 12 deaths. Iran had 139 cases with 19 deaths. South American reported the first confirmed case in Brazil, a 61-year old man who recently visited Italy.

Situation in the US is so far contained, with 15 cases only. President Donald Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence to lead and coordinate response to the coronavirus. For now, Trump said “it’s not the right time” to extend travel restrictions to other affected countries like Italy and South Korea.

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