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BoJ Ueda: Will patiently continue monetary easing

In today’s parliamentary address, BoJ Kazuo Ueda laid out the central bank’s approach to an evolving inflation scenario in Japan. Governor Ueda announced, “We expect inflation to quite clearly slow below 2%” as we move further into the current fiscal year.

Despite this imminent deceleration, BoJ is forecasting a subsequent rebound, albeit with a degree of caution. Ueda added, “Inflation is likely to rebound thereafter … though there is high uncertainty” about the future direction of inflation rates.

In response to these trends, BoJ plans to remain patient and maintain its current approach to monetary policy. Ueda affirmed the central bank’s commitment to its strategy, stating, “(We) will patiently continue monetary easing as there’s still distance to achievement of sustainable and stable 2% price hikes together with continued rises in wages.”


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