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Fed Goolsbee: Every meeting is live around transition point

Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee has refrained from pre-committing to Fed’s actions in September, insisting that every meeting is crucial when navigating the transition point. “When you’re around the transition point, every meeting is a live meeting and you’re trying to figure out trends, not just reflect one month’s data,” Goolsbee said yesterday.

Goolsbee is “guardedly optimistic” about Fed’s ability to stick to what he terms the “golden path,” bringing down prices without inducing a recession. He emphasized the importance of watching how core goods and housing inflation evolve in the coming months to remain on this path.

“Those are the two components that over the next three to six months, let’s call it, if we are to succeed to stay on the golden path, we’ve got to see progress on those two parts of inflation,” he said. He added that progress on services inflation isn’t currently necessary.

He also shared his perspective on the link between wages and inflation, suggesting that wages are more of a lagging indicator rather than a predictor of inflation. According to Goolsbee, if Fed officials focus too much on wages when shaping their policy, they could risk overshooting interest rates.

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