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CFTC Commitments of Traders – Traders Trimmed Bets (on Both Longs and Shorts) in Major Currencies as Trump Escalated Trade War with China

As suggested in the CFTC Commitments of Traders report in the week ended May 7, NET LENGTH in USD Index decreased -716 contracts to 28 233. Both speculative long and short positions fell during the week. All other major currencies stayed in NET SHORT positions.

Concerning European currencies, NET SHORT for euro futures added +561 contracts to 106 105 with bets decreased on both sides. NET SHORT for GBP futures rose +2 211 contracts to 6 879. Speculative long positions fell -6 345 contracts while speculative shorts dropped -4 14 contracts for the week.

On safe-haven currencies, Net SHORT for CHF futures slipped -167 contracts to 39 579. NET SHORT for JPY futures plunged -7 882 contracts to 91 717 during the week. Speculative long positions rose +5 291 contracts while shorts fell -2 591 contracts.

On commodity currencies . NET SHORT for AUD futures declined -1 956 contracts to 57 049. Speculative long positions gained +1 771 contracts while shorts dropped -185 contracts. RBA’s inaction in its monetary policy in May helped curbing Aussie’s weakness. Separately, NET SHORT for NZD rose to 12 742 contracts last week, with speculative long dropping -2 730 and shorts down -1 448 contracts. NET SHORT for CAD futures dropped -630 contracts to 46 115.




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