US-China negotiation ended last week with no progress but only indications that the deadlock will continue. Trump continued his hard stance with his tweets on Sunday. He said the US is “right where we want to be with China”. And he criticized again that China “broke the deal with us & tried to renegotiate”.

And the US is taking in “Tens of Billions of Dollars in Tariffs”. He reiterated that the tariffs collected could be spend on “Great Patriot Farmers” and “distribute the food to starving people” in other nations.

Later, Trump also reiterated the conspiracy he created by his own. He said “China is DREAMING that Sleepy Joe Biden, or any of the others, gets elected in 2020. They LOVE ripping off America!”

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On the other hand, the People’s Daily, China’s propaganda media, repeated that “at no time will China forfeit the country’s respect, and no one should expect China to swallow bitter fruit that harms its core interests.” This too, indicates that China is in no position to back down and rectify its own faults.


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