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RBA’s Bullock undecided on rate hike following CPI surprise

In the Senate Economics Committee session today, RBA Governor Michele Bullock indicated that the bank was not entirely caught off guard by the stronger than expected CPI data released yesterday. She refrained from offering a definitive direction for the bank’s next steps

The Q3 and September CPI data, which Bullock admitted “came out a little higher” than the projections in the August Statement on Monetary Policy, still aligned with the bank’s expectations. She clarified, “The numbers were pretty much where we thought it would come out”.

When queried on the prospect of another rate hike in the forthcoming meeting, Bullock responded, “We’re still analyzing the numbers at the moment. I wouldn’t like to say more or less likely, we’re still looking at it.”

Bullock reiterated the bank’s position, stating, “We’ve always said we have a low tolerance” on inflation surprises. She added, “We are wary and we don’t know if the job has been done yet.”

Looking forward, Bullock hinted at imminent changes to their economic projections, announcing, “We will be releasing a new set of forecasts after the board meeting.” Moreover, she alluded to the significance of these revisions by stating, “There is going to be a change to our forecasts. We have to look at whether or not it’s material enough to change our views on monetary policy.”

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